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Sample XP Receipt

Here’s an example of the XP receipts I hand out to my players.

Here’s a breakdown:

A – Game number.  It’s presented like a periodical, with each ‘season’ running in ten episode arcs.

B – Character name.  This is a character that doesn’t actually exist in my game.  Fritz is level 5.

C – Combat XP.  I just lump it all together.  They know what they fought.  It’s the other areas where they

may not know what they earned XP for.

D – Bucking the script XP.  I tend to script out my games, with backups and contingencies to keep my PCs

‘on-plot.’  That being said, I am not going to plot-hammer them.  If they legitimately find a way

around my script, then more power to them, and I will reward them appropriately.

E – Contact XP.  The PCs earn a small amount of XP for making positive contact with NPCs.

F – Non combat challenges.  They also earn XP for overcoming challenges without resorting to violence.

G – Plot completion.  When the PCs wrap up a story, they earn a bonus for completing it.  This gives

them an impetus to wrap up the current storyline before taking downtime.

H – Teamwork bonus.  Can be awarded more than once per game.  Always equal to the average party

level times five.

I – Roleplaying bonus.  Usually awarded more than once per game.  Always equal to the average party

level times three.  I calculated Fritz’s XP incorrectly here.  It should be 15.

J – Alignment XP.  Equal to the party level times the number of adherent alignment ticks.  (See below.)

K – Total, including overall place in the group, since two players rarely have the same total.

L – Alignment drift.  I use a system of alignment ticks along a numeric graph to track alignment.  While

players are not privy to their exact score, they are told each week which direction their net

drift for that week inclined.  If they drift five or more ticks in one direction, the alignment will

be underlined, and if they have drifted far enough to be into a different alignment, then it will

be circled.  They have to end three games in the zone of the new alignment to actually change


M – Powers checks.  They don’t get to know what they were for (they should be able to figure it out) but

they do get to know how many, how severe, and whether or not they failed them.  It hasn’t ever

come out, but I do reserve the right to conceal a failed powers check if I have a reason to do so.

This part of the receipt is Ravenloft specific.



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