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Krislos– A former thief from Devies, Krislos’s life was spared by Julium, and now he has to find a new way to make his fortune.  He was the human face of Vuthalitrix’s operation.

Vuthalitrix– A young adult black dragon, Vuthalitrix left more questions in his wake than answers.  After it was revealed that he had organized a drug ring, grown by fiendish myconids and sold to the thieving guilds of Devies, Natalia and her companions slew the wyrm.  However, mysteries remain behind him, such as ‘How did he summon Mushroostopheles to the material plane?’, ‘How did he know so much about the criminal element of Devies?’ and ‘Where did the eggs in his lair come from?’  DECEASED

Mushroostopheles– A half-demon myconid sovereign.  Mushroostopheles is very old, and records of his existence stretch back at least five hundred years.  Any myconids he spawns are fiendish myconids.  He was part of Vuthalitrix’s plan to distribute narcotics, until Natalia stopped them.  He was killed by Natalia and Roan, although as a summoned creature, he has only been banished to his home plane, and almost certainly bears a grudge as only a demon can.  BANISHED.

Uliver– An arcling wizard.  Older and wiser than Raelan, he knows the young wizard through association with Raelan’s deceased master.  He has lived to become so powerful by avoiding opportunities to use his power, and is far more inclined to run from a fight.  He specializes in translocation spells, although he is known to throw caution to the wind when it comes to using Teleport vs Teleport Without Error.


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Hamus Merstin– A human bounty hunter, Hamus was contracted by Lady Lorel Renger to pursue and kill Grugor. (and Natalia if possible) Later investigation would reveal that he was unafraid to use any and all methods at his disposal to arrest or kill his targets, and was in fact wanted in Devies for murder. (A case of mistaken identity)  He hunted with his partner, a worg, and a pack of normal wolves the two of them had trained.  When they attacked Grugor and Natalia, all of them were slain save for one of the normal wolves, whom Natalia took as an animal companion. DECEASED

Vaectorfinyairuxo– Vaector is not an NPC of mine.  In point of fact, I have lifted him (personality, stats and all) from the Draconomicon (page 252) and am completely unashamed.  One of the hardest lessons I had to learn as a DM was to not be afraid to be unoriginal.  Vaector is a green dragon, and an old one at that.  His driving curiosity gets the better of him, however, and those who can fill him in on what is going on in the area stand a good chance of surviving an encounter with him alive.  But still, there must be some reason that an ancient evil dragon would allow a goodly druid to walk his territory unharmed…but he is open in admitting that there are beings that he feels Natalia would be far more interested in killing (and far more capable of killing) that HE has a vested interest in seeing dead.  But the question becomes, can you ever trust a dragon?  And do you have any choice?

Al-Nobor– While in the Astral Plane, destroying a Githzerai monastery (and freeing Allista Renger in the process) Natalia, Grugor, and Roan happened to discover a large group of prison cells.  From one of the cells they freed a mercane named Al-Nobor.  The grateful mercane offered them assistance in return for helping him reacquire his stolen equipment from the Gith.  After completing this task, he used his own innate racial abilities to flee the collapsing monastery, leaving the adventurers to their fates, although he gave Raelan permission to summon him at a later date for the purpose of discussing the buying and selling of magical goods.

Vri-go-Jin (He who Hates)– Vri-go-jin is a Githyanki wizard that Natalia encountered in the Githzerai monastery.  Leading the Githyanki assault on the temple, Vri-go-Jin attempted to pierce enemy lines and finish off their leadership.  Unfortunately for him, he encountered the three adventurers first.  Vri-go-Jin used a shatterfloor spell as a last resort, and was last seen plummeting unconscious into a heated Gith on Gith melee two stories below.  DECEASED

Steam Bitch- Although Natalia has yet to learn the name of this Steam Mephit, she has given her the moniker of ‘Steam Bitch,’ an apt description.  Typical of her kind, Steam Bitch was first encountered by the group searching for Raelan, after having been conjured by Sorval to the Prime Material plane.  She was slain, and sent back to her native elemental plane.  Natalia encountered the imperious elemental again, however, in the Gith monastery, where she had once again been summoned, this time by Githyanki wizards, along with her fire and ice mephit parents.  Natalia and her friends once again proved up to the challenge, banishing Steam Bitch and her parents to back from whence they came.  BANISHED

Turlurzed- Turlurzed is a Githzerai, and the leader of the monastic contingent of the Githzerai temple that Natalia destroyed.  Along with his companion Mazrathune, he was sacrificing living beings (preferring psionic ones) to an artifact which used the sacrifices’ psionic energy to power a series of arcane defenses for the temple.  Tragically for the Githzerai, the artifact was also providing gravity and structural integrity for the building, and when the artifact was destroyed, the building itself collapsed in a matter of minutes.  Although the majority of the Githyanki would have escaped on their astral carracks, the Githzerai would have been slain to a man.  DECEASED

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A brief guide to the NPC’s that are important to the game so far.  In no particular order:

Grugor– A half-orc from the Cadrane mountains.  Grugor is a barbarian, although his normal demeanor is calm and easy-going.  Natalia has theorized that he is more cheerful than the average orc because his rages allow him an outlet for the aggression that lies in the hearts of the orcish people.  Grugor is a simple man, with simple desires.  He enjoys picking fights and showing off his impressive physical skills.  His skin is forest green, his hair is black, and his eyes yellow.  He is taller and slightly more slender than the average half orc, and keeps his hair in a loose ponytail.

Roan Cholke– Roan is a cleric of Silthen, the goddess of motherhood and happy families.  Those who see the short, slender woman walking around unarmed and unarmored and think that they have found an easy target are in for a shock, for Roan has been trained in the unarmed fighting techniques found within religious orders.  Roan is unsure of what she wants to do with her life, and is currently serving in a temple of her god and waiting for some kind of sign as to the path she should take.  She is soft-spoken and invariably calm.  She (like most Numbrarans) has dark skin, ranging almost to olive.  Her hair is brown, as are her eyes.

Raelan Harascine– Raelan is perhaps the scariest of all possibilities: an apprentice wizard with access to all the spellbooks and tools of an archmage, but without the experience or wisdom to use them correctly.  He is at least smart enough to recognize that he doesn’t have much in the way of common sense, and makes sure that he masters the spells he has inherited before trying to use them.  Raelan is in many ways a typical teenage boy: he is emotional, swift to judge, and anxious to kick some ass and make his mark on the world.  On the other hand, he is all too aware that he is expected to act in the role of a wizard, without ever fully being prepared for the responsibility.  He buries his fears beneath big talk, and in the finest tradition of wizarding everywhere, blazes ahead without always understanding what he’s doing, and making half of it up as he goes along.  Raelan is short and gangly, paler than most Numbrarans, with black hair and blue eyes.

Julium Colsus Numbra– The second son of a Numbraran noble, Julium’s path in life was supposed to be set.  In the ancient tradition, as a second son, Julium joined the Numbraran military.  After a successful campaign in the ongoing war in faraway Fassett, Julium finished his term of service with no idea what to do with the remainder of his life.  As he looked around, he saw the once mighty Empire he claimed fealty to in shambles.  Divided by ancient squabbles into separate kingdoms, the people separating into increasingly isolated and smaller communities, the Numbraran nation seemed as if it were heading to annihilation.  Julium began to wonder if the damage was irreparable, or if the nation could be reforged into the glory that it once held.  He began to study the ways of war and diplomacy, of command and culture.  Realizing that he needed to begin at the basics if ever he was to be the one man who could rebuild his society, Julium went into seclusion in the wilderness, in order to build himself into the man he wished to be: the man who would be Emperor.

Alesander– A werewolf who lived in the Stillwood.  Once an adventurer, he contracted lycanthropy in defense of the town of Devies, and went into hiding after the disease warped his sanity and morality.  He preyed on livestock and the occasional traveler, until his fateful run-in with Natalia.  DECEASED

Lord Renger– The Lord Mayor of the town of Stilldale, Lord Renger thought that he had settled into a happy retirement after decades of military service.  But in order to protect his psionicist daughter from the depredations of the Gith and other extraplanar entities, he has been forced to join Julium’s schemes for ascendancy.  The Lord Renger is an aged man with an aura of command and wisdom, who does not appear to have suffered any physical ailments from his advancing years.

Lady Renger– The mother of both Allista Renger and Grugor, the Lady Renger was a sorceress who worshipped the evil Silduggan goddess of the moon, Hesta.  Using magic to control her husband and through him the town of Stilldale, the full extent of her evil has yet to be uncovered.  When she discovered that her brother Alesander had been slain by a druid, she launched a plan to exact her revenge.  This backfired, resulting in her greataxe-related death.  DECEASED

Allista Renger– All teenage girls feel the confusing combination of recognizing their individuality as adults, their isolation from childhood things, and their connection to the adult world.  This combines to make them feel completely alone, as if no one understands them.  Allista, however, is perhaps the only teenage girl in centuries to be able to make the claim “No one understand me” and be correct: she is a psionicist.  Due to their rarity, along with the fear that the common folk have of them, and the propensity for both races of Gith to abduct and kill them, she is quite likely the only psion from one of the humanoid races she is ever going to know.  Attractive in a homely and bookish sort of way, most people are put off by her lack of empathy or interest in the world around her.  This isn’t due to disinterest on her part, its just that if she wants to know something about someone, she will just pull it out of their heads herself.  Allista has no clear desires of her own, and appears to go through life as a neutral observer.

Vueliss– An elven hierophant druid and leader of the Spruce Circle, Vueliss has long harbored a grudge against the nearby Numbraran communities.  Situated between greater Numbrar and the Wasted Lands, Vueliss has stated that the purpose of the Derrikol forest (and the druidic circle) is to keep the civilized world out of the Wasted Lands.  He seems to pursue a very active defense in that regard, and has attempted numerous times to destroy the city of Devies.  Although Natalia has yet to meet him, it seems everyone has an opinion of him.  As an interesting sidenote, in the lucrative business of criminal bounty hunting in Devies, Vueliss is the number one most wanted criminal, carrying a bounty on his head of two hundred thousand gold pieces if brought in dead, and half a million alive.

Virbiene– A half elven druid who lives just north of the Stillwood, Virbiene intentionally puts on a demeanor of weirdness, hoping to protect herself by putting off those who would get close to her.  Her only friend is the gnome ranger, Rosco.  She is part of the Spruce Circle, although she is not allowed to live in the Circle’s lands.  Vueliss harbors a special hatred for her, which may have to do with a family connection: it has been suggested that she is the product of a rape, and that her mother is Vueliss’s daughter.  She has conducted harassment of travelers and the citizens of Stilldale in a similar fashion to her grandfather’s campaign against Devies.  She is likewise wanted as a criminal, but with a substantially smaller reward.

Rosco– Rosco is a gnomish ranger whose territory in the Derrikol Forest is adjacent to Virbiene’s and Natalia’s.  Little is known about him, only that gnomes have been seen traveling to and from his territory, and always returning in the direction of the Cadrane mountains, where it is rumored a secret community of gnomes is hiding.

Gudger– Gudger is the sterotypical ranger of Valt: a burly, hairy mountain man.  He wields two axes and travels with his companion, a giant alligator named Boots.  He makes his home along the Derrikol River, which he patrols to prevent incursions from the monsters which populate the far side.  He is uncouth and abrasive, and peppers his speach with as many swear words as he can squeeze into the conversation.  Like many rangers, he has no use for social niceties, but is more than happy to provide whatever he can to aid others.  Grugor has provided much in the way of regional information to Natalia.

Sorval– The former apprentice of Raelan’s dead master, Sorval has been scouring the forest looking for Raelan’s tower.  As a Conjurer, she has unleashed an unknown number of extraplanar minions to the material plane, all searching for Raelan.  Its only a matter of time before her destructive actions force a showdown between her and Natalia.

Gatrix- After claiming the title of wizard of mirrors, Gatrix immediately set about teaching what he knew to others.  After successfully training more than a dozen wizards, Gatrix built a tower on the hidden shores of Lake Sendren.  Gatrix struck a deal with the fearful (and hateful) druids of the Spruce Circle.  In exchange for them peacefully allowing him to settle in their forest, he altered all his wards to make druids immune to them.  As such, druids alone can find his tower, and everyone else can walk right by it and never see it.  Tragically, Gatrix was slain by an upstart wizard who challenged him for his title.  DECEASED

Gury– Gury is a druid, and a member of the Spruce Circle.  In point of fact, he is the only one to show any sign of kindness to Natalia.  He is a good person, who honestly desires to make others happy.  Other than a penchant for nudity, he has no character flaws.

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